Citation du jour

« The new world order reeks of dying empire odor
and changing the channel won’t make that go away.
As the veneer of democracy fades away, as the world
down-sizes until it explodes, as the shanty-towns piled
behind the malls become visible, as the savages on the
other side of the wall break through, as everybody from
gun-crazy militias to anti-immigrant nazis to fundamentalist
child-raping christians to gangsta rappers to community
activists to working families just struggling to put food
on the table, all mad at the same thing: your SUV; me, me, me;
« mission accomplished »; bring em on; buy more stuff, buy more stuff;
fight terror, defend freedom so we can buy more stuff.
The false illusion of the world is going down, motherfucker.
Walk off the job. Crime is beautiful.
A prank a day keeps the dog-leash away.
Quit your jobs. Burn down the malls. AAARRRGGHHHH »

– Jello Biafra, ex-Dead Kennedy