Allez hop! Une petite blague nord-coréenne (en anglais):

An Englishman, a Frenchman, and a North Korean are having a chat. The Englishman says: « I feel happiest when I’m at home, my wool pants on, sitting in front of the fireplace. »

The Frenchman, a ladies’ man, says: « You English people are so conventional. I feel happiest when I go to a Mediterranean beach with a beautiful blonde-haired woman, and we do what we’ve got to do on the way back. »

The North Korean man says: « In the middle of the night, the secret police knock on the door, shouting: Kang Sung-Mee, you’re under arrest! And I say, Kang Sung-Mee doesn’t live here, but right next door! That’s when we’re happiest! »

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