[Comme certains d’entre vous le savent déjà, j’ai tenu un blog pendant plus de deux ans. Ce blog était dédié de manière générale à la musique. J’y écrivais des articles quotidiennement. Parfois il m’arrive de redécouvrir des posts qui serait susceptibles d’intéresser, ou pour le moins interpeller les lecteur du mur. Et bien, je souhaite partager avec vous certains de ces posts/articles.]


I’m a big fan of jazz. After my brief likings for gangsta hip-hop at the age of 9, my brain quickly decided to move on to something deeper and more intellectual (not to say that hip-hop isn’t deep – but for a 9 year old livin’ the easy life in the suburbs, it just isn’t). And besides my passion for the piano was growing quite steadily so I embraced one of the musical genres that put it to contribution the most – Jazz.

About a decade late, and after many musical adventures, I discovered an outrageous trio composed of drummer David King,  pianist Ethan Iverson and double-bassist Reid Anderson called The Bad Plus.

Now this band is something else, and lots is to be said about their journey and survival through the intricacies of the jazz-business scene, but today I am going to keep it strictly musical.

To my great surprise many people don’t appreciate, understand, or ‘feel’ their pop structured, epic, power-jazz style. Well I find them AMAZING and wish to introduce to you, my doggy readers, one of their most ambiguous sides – their cover songs. Behold!

From ‘These Are The Vistas’ – 2003

From ‘Give’ – 2004

From ‘Suspicious Activity?’ – 2005

From ‘Prog’ – 2006

Their latest album For All I Care is different from the others. For one it’s only made out of cover songs (so I ain’t gonna post them all). For two, they welcomed rock vocalists Wendy Lewis to sing on most of the tracks. Behold!!

Feeling Yourself Desintergrate by The Flaming Lips
And last but not least, the amazing cover Yes’s Long Distance Runaround

The Bad Plus have covered many more tunes than are featured on their albums. The only chance to get a hold of them is to browse through youtube, or see them live (which is something I have yet to do).