Traduit de « Korea » magazine, No. 346, 1985:

This happened in early November 1973. I drove a tractor with a trailer loaded with rice sheaves, and I had the honor of meeting Our Beloved Leader, Comrade Kim Il-sung, on the road. I pined for him in my dreams. Our Beloved Leader warmly shook my hand smeared with machine oil, and praised me by saying that a young girl like me works so hard. He inspected the engine, the cab, and the gearbox of my tractor, and gently asked how many sheaves are loaded on the trailer. … Our Beloved Leader looked at me for a minute, and asked in his hoarse voice, « So, if you drove the tractor until 12, do your hands hurt now? » After that, he stroked my palm and hand, and rolled up the sleeve of my robe to feel for the thickness of my wrist.