« Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time. » – Winston Churchill

Democracy is over(rated)

Democracy was good and nice as long as we lived in coherent nations inhabited with one, united people.

Democracy works with colliding ideas, ideals, within a common set of values, common traditions, shared standards.

Democracy is victory of the numerous. Democracy works by numbers. Democracy is demography.

Democracy doesn’t work in Belgium : two peoples, two sets of parties, unending quarrels, a tradition of compromise, no real political decision.

Democracy wouldn’t work in Irak : Shia would never vote but for a Shia, Sunni would never vote but for a Sunni, Kurds would never vote but for a Kurd.

Democracy won’t work any longer in France when so-called minorities are strong enough to bring their own people to power. Democracy won’t work any longer when you’ve got a PIF (Parti Islamiste Français) or a PIR (Parti des Indigènes de la République) gathering 15% of the votes for presidential elections – maybe not 2017, surely 2022.

FN vs PIR. Who would you vote for? Is that really democracy anymore?

Democracy doesn’t work in countries with divided communities.

Fuck democracy. Democracy is working against us. We are becoming a minority. We are out-numbered. We are not Legion.

Time of democracy is over.

« La non-violence est l’arme des multitudes. La violence, celle des minorités attaquées. Nous nous défendrons. Nous serons violents. » (Jean Raspail – Le Camp des Saints. Please read that book)