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Super Mamie

As if walls only had one side

We’re tired of living up to other people’s expectations when our own are so much higher.
Intelligence seems so easily dismissed when it doesn’t conform to mainstream values.
Lennon said « They hate you if you’re clever and they despise a fool »,
He was right. Social intelligence merely requires agreement and compromise.

The boundaries are becoming narrower as the State becomes more paranoid.
Under authoritarian rule, conformity becomes the only security.
Fear is a powerful weapon against human development.
Cowering in our temples of self there’s little chance of change;
The State is aware of that.

Crass – Yes Sir, I will

UK’s Riot Police

« We try to keep it proportionate to the threat posed by city demonstrators. »

Bon, allez, c’est une blague. Le véhicule, un Saracen repeint aux couleurs de la police anti-émeute britannique, a été garé là par un groupe de contestataires anarchistes, les Space Hijackers, afin d’interpeller la population et faire réfléchir au zèle sécuritaire déployé par la police et le gouvernement lors du rassemblement du G20 et plus généralement en Grande-Bretagne au quotidien.
Les mêmes s’étaient déjà illustrés lors de la DSEi (la plus grande foire aux armes du monde), toujours à Londres, avec… hmm… un tank :

Every two years the worlds largest arms fair (DSEi) takes place in East London. Each time the Space Hijackers and other protesters go down to try and disrupt proceedings, wind up the arms dealers and raise awareness of the fact our government supports this corrupt business.

Most of the time they are escorted out by burly policemen and banned from the area

This year however they took things up a notch or two, after months of fundraising, the Hijackers bought a tank, a great big, heavy, noisy beast of a tank. They attempted to drive it into the arms fair, through the mounting police operation which was aiming to stop them. Little they knew about their second tank: The Bird.

Citation du jour

« The new world order reeks of dying empire odor
and changing the channel won’t make that go away.
As the veneer of democracy fades away, as the world
down-sizes until it explodes, as the shanty-towns piled
behind the malls become visible, as the savages on the
other side of the wall break through, as everybody from
gun-crazy militias to anti-immigrant nazis to fundamentalist
child-raping christians to gangsta rappers to community
activists to working families just struggling to put food
on the table, all mad at the same thing: your SUV; me, me, me;
« mission accomplished »; bring em on; buy more stuff, buy more stuff;
fight terror, defend freedom so we can buy more stuff.
The false illusion of the world is going down, motherfucker.
Walk off the job. Crime is beautiful.
A prank a day keeps the dog-leash away.
Quit your jobs. Burn down the malls. AAARRRGGHHHH »

– Jello Biafra, ex-Dead Kennedy


The door stands open
Across lines, invisible hands are held, golden streamers building in the night.
Alone, the possibilities are enormous.
Step outside and parasites, deprived of their meat, wait to suck on tiring flesh,
Unending statistics that fatten leaders, prisoners of their morality.
Afraid of death, we cannot save ourselves.
To breathe is not enough.


Words sometimes don’t seem to mean much;
Of anyone we’ve used more that most.
Feelings from the heart that have been distorted and mocked,
Thrown around in the spectacle, the grand social circus.

Television is today’s Nuremberg.
Bowing to its authority, they become it.
I’ve seen four years old children conforming to media roles
Main-lining the gross theatre that will become their lives.
The television has so dampened people’s anger.
The population is mesmerised by the flickering screen
And the streets, where the politics of reality were once created,
Are deserted at night and the rulers sleep secure.
They are under no threat as long as the people are sedated.
Those who suffer headaches from excessive intake of electrons are prescribed valium,
Or pay for a fix at the pub where men have to piss up the wall
And the stench of urine lasts well into the next pint.

Entertainment is designed to gloss over real problems
And very often those who profess dissent only add to the deception.
Words are banded about, but always at the whim of the puppeteer.
Actionless sloganeering is just another Punch and Judy show.

Any information that we receive concerning the real world is carefully controlled,
Why else would fiction have such licence?
We are allowed to see endless theatrical deaths,
But when the real deaths started on the Falklands
Government censors prevented us from seeing them.
We were given the excuse of ‘National Security’
By the lying shits who were interested only in saving their political skins.
It didn’t matter a fuck to them how many died
As long as their popularity ratings didn’t suffer,
For that reason alone we were shielded from the truth.
While the real violence is kept from us
We are exposed to constant pantomimes of death and destruction.
Those in power are rightly aware that if we had access to the real facts
We would cease to be simply passive observers.
Media coverage of Viet Nam created massive dissent in the U.S.A.
Thatcher’s government was aware of that when, embarking on the Falkland charade,
They refused press cards to anyone who they knew would not support their line.

It is easy to dismiss those who seek peace as dreamers,
But isn’t our whole culture built on past dreams?
It is essential that our dreams become a reality
Or there will cease to be one.

We look through one eye hoping the other won’t see,
That way we only need deal with a half of it.
Like bloody ostriches, oblivious,
Not because we are, but because we choose to be.
Most people see through the lies
But are too afraid to admit it.
It’s so much easier to be the passive observer.
How much longer can people afford to just sit by like this?
All the indications are there.
Massive unemployment,
Recession, depression.
But who’s looking? Who cares?
Tamely the population is being led down the road to total bondage.
Government is daily strengthening its powers.
Those who stand against it are ridiculed,
Discredited or abused and punished.
Those in power are totally cynical.
Rather than analysing the seriousness of the problem
They simply strengthen the army and police to combat it
They are ready for the inevitable response.
It happened in Brixton, Toxteth and Moss Side.
It happens daily in Northern Ireland.
Under Thatcher’s regime there has been massive increases in police brutality.
In London police shot down a man
Only to find it was the wrong person.
We regret to inform you. Regret to inform you.
Regret to inform you. We regret to inform you
That today another Christ was shot in the back of the head.
We regret to inform you. Regret to inform you,
That another Christ, not yet ten years old, was shot today,
By agents of Her Majesty’s Government, with a plastic bullet.
They say that plastic bullets were designed not to kill,
They do.
I say that human beings were not designed to kill, not us, not me;
We do.
We regret to inform you.

Crass – Yes Sir, I Will.

(One squaddy, horrifically burnt in the Falklands War, was approached by Prince Charles during a presentation. « Get well soon » said the Prince, to which the squaddy replied, « Yes Sir, I will ».)