Dis mah possee, yo
Red hats, bling, ties
Mah Top Five Niggaz
Stealin’ riches
Fallin’ bitches
I found mah niche
In ur ass, bitch
Dis beat we be droppin’
Da world we be freakin’
Snatchin’ success
In da process
Ah remain on top
Cuz ah ain’t singin’ no j-pop
Japanese bitch can suck mah dick
Tis how ah deal with nippon shit
Ya can’t catch meh
All you can see
A yellow mess
All over ur face
Mah homies be laughin’
And am off be kickin’
Yankee ass fo’ changin’
Mah flow no one can blow
Yours’ too heavy, yours’ too slow
Ah am leading tha show
Fo’ sure and fo’ever, not just fo’ now